Full Membership Requirements

Must  have an Honorable or General Discharge under honorable conditions from  any branch of the Armed Services. All prospective members will be asked  to furnish proof of military service and character of discharge by  providing either a DD214 or their discharge certificate, which will be  kept on file with the club. The reason for this is to eliminate any  question by another group or person that we are all, indeed, veterans.  In addition, all members must own and ride an American made motorcycle,  and be able to conduct oneself in such a way as to reflect favorably on  the rest of the club. A prospective member must be sponsored by an  active member.

Affiliates MC Membership Requirements

The purpose of the Affiliates MC is to  unite patriotic bikers who enjoy the freedom to ride and exercise the  freedom of choice that has been protected and paid for with the blood,  sweat, and tears of veterans and current active duty personal. Our  mission is to support and contribute our resources to the American  Veterans Motorcycle Clubs agenda by aiding and participating in the AVMC  events and functions to enhance the image of the AVMC and its  Affiliates.
We are all patriots who are proud of and want to support the Armed Forces of the United States  and its members, both active duty and veterans. We pledge to support  the AVMC in their stance, and protect the Constitution of the United States  against anyone who seeks to harm or destroy it. We Strongly believe in,  and value the M/C philosophy of Honor, Respect, and Protocol. Like our  sponsor club, we actively ride therefore seek dedicated lifetime members  who will actively support the AVMC and its Affiliates. When accepting  members, we value quality over quantity. If you think you have what it  takes and want to become a part of the Affiliates MC then contact us.

For Full or Affiliate Membership:


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